Thank you for finding my Website!

CanoeWould you like to come and see my store?
Where there is plenty for you to explore.
You will find pottery, paintings and more.

I am mainly open by appointment which might sound absurd.
I open when you need me to so don’t be deterred.
It is better this way. Please spread the word.

Please don’t be discouraged. Do not forsake.
An appointment with me is easy to make.
It is not a difficult task to undertake.

You can either email or call me. A plan we will derive.
We will set up a date so I know when you will arrive.
Then you can look at my map to see where to drive.

I am in Enniskillen, Regional Road # 3
At the bottom of the hill you will see
My sign with the acorn – That’s me!

So please come out and see what is new.
Bowls, vases, yarn bowls and mugs to name a few.
There are even two paddles to go with a canoe.

If you would like to come out and see my display.
Call or send me that email
I hope we can get together. It might make your day.

Rosemary Jenkins Pottery
Specializing in conversation pieces